5 Things to Do Before You Give Up On Your Business

5 Things to Do Before You quit On Your Business

The idea of running your own business and being a “mom boss” can be dreamy. Working from chic coffee shops, not having to call in to attend the mommy and me breakfast lunch at your child’s school, planning vacations and working with sandy beaches as your office…

Unfortunately, building a business can be tough, to say the least. While being an entrepreneur certainly has its perks, there are moments that are less than glamorous.

Instead of sitting in a Pinterest worthy home office meeting with an amazing virtual assistant, you’re sharing your desk with the dining room table late at night, researching what the heck SEO is at 2am.

The struggle is real.

However, despite these less than pleasant moments, there’s a reason you chose to pursue building a business and I could imagine that you’re passionate about seeing it grow and flourish.

5 Things to Do Before You Call it Quits On Your Business

So for the moments when you feel like maybe you’re actually not cut out to build a business and you’re tempted to throw in the towel, here are 5 things you can instead.

1 Remember your “why”.

Now, while this might sound cliche’ taking a look back at your why and what you’re passionate about can be just what you need to get your head back in the game. But not necessarily because it will spark inspiration in you again.

While reminding yourself about why you’re passionate about what you’re doing can help revive some lost motivation, it can also help point your business back in the right direction.

Many times when business owners are ready to call it quits, it goes back to the fact that their business model no longer fits in with their vision.Click To Tweet

This can especially happen if you’re business is financially struggling and you end up doing other ventures to bring in income.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with diversifying your streams of income or even doing work you’re not 100% enjoying until come revenue comes.

However, if you find that you’ve completely drifted from your original business or you haven’t been doing what you’re passionate about for way too long, you risk losing your drive for your business.

Take a look at your “why”, your vision, and your passion and if your business isn’t in alignment, brainstorm how to point it back.

2. Do a productivity overhaul.

Being a business owner is a lot of work, and if you’re a solopreneur, that means you’re doing the work of a million different positions on your own (CEO, CFO, accountant, bookkeeper, social media manager, customer service, graphic designer, human resource…and the list goes on).

Now add that on all top of running a household and being a mom (and working if you’re still at a 9 to 5) and it’s easy to see how overwhelming it can get.

If you’re feeling like you might not have what it takes to be a business owner, it might actually just be the result of stress and overwhelm.

Take the time to see where all your time and energy (both mentally and physically) is going and if you’re truly being productive.

Reallocating your time to the tasks that are moving your business forward the most and delegating/simplifying/cutting out “busy” work that’s just draining your energy can really help revamp your motivation to keep going.

You’ll probably also see a boost in your progress too! Sometimes we get so stuck in the maintenance tasks of running a business that we don’t give enough attention to the revenue generating tasks that make your business successful.

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3. Find an accountability partner.

You might be “multi-passionate” or struggle with staying focused on following through tasks so having someone to report to can help keep you on track.

But you don’t want someone who will check in every now and then, ask if you did x,y,z and then disappear. That’s something a checklist could easily do for you.

You need someone who will push you, challenge you, and ask questions.

If you didn’t finish your sales funnel they’ll ask you why. They’ll challenge you to ask for the sale then celebrate when you do. An awesome accountability partner can call you out when you’re stuck in pity party mode and encourage you to get back to it.

There are also benefits to being an accountability partner for someone else too. It forces you to “walk the walk”; it’s awkward to try and encourage someone to follow through on a client meeting if you’re continuously refusing to schedule one yourself.

An accountability partner can do wonders for helping you keep your head in the game.

4. Stop Cyber Stalking

Or in nicer terms “researching competitors”.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a peek at what your competition or influencers in your niche are doing, this can be a slippery slope into playing the comparison game.

You get stuck wondering why their audience is shouting from the mountain tops about how wonderful they are while you feel like you get crickets or how they manage to have so many darn beautiful pics on Instagram.

The truth is you just never know where they’re actually at, what kind of work they have to do to get those things done, or where they started, especially if they’ve been going at it for a while.

Marie Forleo is very open about how she started and you’d never believe that her first couple of videos were dimly lit shots from her dining room table.

You’d never guess from her professionally shot Facebooks videos (complete with staffing, editing, and a designed studio just for her videos).

If you’re an aspiring coach and just starting, comparing yourself to someone who’s had years to establish themselves isn’t fair to you. Comparing yourself to anyone, in general, does you no good.

Comparing yourself to other peoples milestones is a sure way to breed negativity in your mind about your business. Instead of comparison, use those other influencers as inspiration and create a vision board of your own.

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5. Use your analytics.

If you’re ready to call it finished with your business, it might be safe to say there’s something not working.

It can be insanely frustrating to try offering new products/services or use a different marketing strategy and have it not work time and time again.

That kind of frustration can be enough to make a business owner want to pull the plug on the whole operation.

But before you do take a few days to sit down and really look at your analytics and data and see what’s going on. Like really study it.

Check out google analytics, your social media insights, the results of your last launch, survey your previous clients and see what they have to say. You might find that there’s a disconnect between what you’re offering and your audience.

While you’ve been marketing your group coaching program, maybe there’s a huge chunk of your audience who needs a time efficient self-study program, or you might realize that there’s a strong interest in the finance portion of your blog but you’ve been steady publishing content on DIY.

You might take a look at your last launch and realize while you had a ton of people sign up for your webinar, it didn’t convert and you need to come up with a different product or improve your pitch.

You get the idea.

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Once you get back in tune with what your audience really wants you might start to find it easier to work on your business with a new clear direction and insight about what your audience really wants.

And a bonus: it’s okay to take a step back from your business.

The fix to your business woes might be a simple disconnect to refresh and empty your brain. Take a vacation away from your business for a while and see how you feel returning back to it.

Don’t worry about your business at all for a good week and allow yourself time to recharge. If you’re concerned about losing traction, schedule out all your content or have a business bestie do a “business takeover” as a guest expert to fill the void.

In the end, the choice is up to you whether you continue on or not, and I’m a firm believer in being open to change, but if you really don’t want to let go, hopefully, these tips will help out!

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