10 Ways to Prevent Mommy Burnout

10 Ways To Prevent Mommy Burn Out

It’s not uncommon for moms to take on several different roles, from house cleaner and cook, to nurse, teacher and life coach. However, all that stress and the high expectations we place on ourselves can eventually lead to mommy burnout.

The moment where you’re just so overworked and exhausted it seems almost unbearable.

Not only can mommy burnout lead to mental stress, unhappiness, and even depression, but it can impact our physical health too!

It’s important for moms to make sure that they’re caring for themselves, just as much as they’re caring for their family too.

So here are 10 ways moms can hopefully prevent burnout before it takes a toll on them.
10 Ways To Prevent Mommy Burn Out
1. Winding Down Everyone Before Bedtime

It’s no secret that bedtimes can often be a time of stress for parents, particularly for parents of toddlers. Bedtime can be an all-out war. Instead of waiting for the 8 pm battle to begin, consider gently easing you and your family into the bedtime routine well before the kiddo’s even need to be in bed.

About an hour and a ½ or two before bed, start winding down everyone by turning off electronics, encouraging kids to do a quiet activity like coloring/reading, and establishing a solid routine.

2. Ease Into Your Day

Just like winding down before bedtime, some people find it much easier to ease into their day instead of starting off running as soon as their feet hit the ground. You’re likely to burn out much quicker if you start off every day like it’s a sprint to the finish line.

Instead of waking up and getting straight to work, use this time for self-care and things you enjoy. Even an extra 15 minutes before the kids are awake can make a world of difference.

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3. Help Them Help Themselves.

This one will take some upfront work at first but will be insanely beneficial once they get the hang of it. Teach your kids to be independent and allow them space to do things on their own.

Stay consistent with making them clean up their own dishes, tidy up their own room, and other self-care tasks like putting on their own clothes and helping around the house.

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4. Be Forgiving

Your home won’t always be amazingly clean and that’s okay. Your kids will have meltdowns in the store that will have you blushing. Some days you might have everything to get done but opt for sitting down and doing nothing instead. Learn to let those go and move on. Don’t be harsh or critical of yourself.

You’ve probably heard this a million times but it’s always worth repeating because us moms always seem to forget. Offer yourself and your family grace and do it often.

5. Get To Sleep At A Decent Hour

This is a hard one for me since I’m such a night owl, but there are plenty of studies to support the fact that more sleep equals happier people.

Make sure you’re getting the sleep you need. That might mean putting off the dishes for the night, requesting your significant other puts the kids to sleep (or you guys alternate), or forcing yourself off your phone/tv. No more puppy YouTube videos for you! Off to bed!

6. End Your Day On A Good Note

If you’re laying down every night completely miserable, burnout is bound to come creeping up a lot sooner.

Even if your whole day was a train wreck, try ending your day on a positive note. Maybe watch your favorite comedy or steal some time in with your husband. Writing in a gratitude journal can be just the trick too!

By erasing negativity before bed, you increase your chance of waking up with a clean slate and not continuing the cycle.

7. Remember You Don’t Have To Be The Enforcer 24/7

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Make sure you’re enjoying time with them to break up the constant management. If they’re roughhousing, instead of breaking it up, offer to play the ref. Before automatically saying “no” to something, pause and see if there’s really a reason for saying no.

It can be exhausting to constantly be saying no and playing the bad cop so switch up your role and join in on the chaos every once in a while instead.

8. Have Some Fun!

Something as simple as painting or walks to the park can be great bonding times. If your kid likes to get messy, consider some messy play ideas, stick them in the tub and go at it! Make sure everyone is pausing their busy routines to have some genuine fun.

Motherhood can get a bit monotonous too. You also have you make sure you’re having fun on your own without the kids. Sign up for a class you enjoy, talk to your friends, go out to events and do the things you enjoy.

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9. Lighten Your Workload

Whether that means you look into outsourcing something like house cleaning, simplify something like grocery shopping by having it delivered, consider if there’s something you can do to take the stress off your shoulders.

10. Be Aware When You’re Internalizing Other People’s Feelings

Just because our children are having a rough time, doesn’t mean we have to. You can empathize with someone, and offer support and comfort, without taking on their emotions and internalizing them onto yourself.

This is probably the most difficult one because we’re so closely connected with our children, but that’s even more reason to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves!

Our children don’t understand how to separate their caregiver’s feelings from their own so when we’re stressed, they feel it and become stressed too.

This doesn’t just apply to our children, however, co-workers, friends, family members, anyone really. Sometimes we can unknowingly “absorb” the negative emotions of the people around us.

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself momma and use these 10 tips to hopefully keep yourself from burning out!

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