Az Messy Fest 2018

Fun Things to do in AZ - Messy Fest 2018

This weekend was a blast at Messy Fest!

For the past couple of years, AZ has hosted an event called “Messy Fest” and both of the years that we’ve attended we’ve had a ton of fun. This year the event raised money for Childhelp, the national nonprofit that helps combat child abuse.

And when they say messy, they don’t mean like hand painting here and there, they mean messy. Roll in the mud, food fight, dirt caked on to your clothes kind of messy.

It’s basically a preschooler’s dreamland.

Fun Things to do in AZ - Messy Fest 2018

This year instead of hosting it as Schneps Farm they had the event at the Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre instead.

Although I enjoyed it at the farm the first year we went, this location was still pretty fun.

Fun AZ events for family - Messy Fest 2018Fun AZ Events for Family - Messy Fest 2018

We spent the majority of our time in the mud pits which was actually pretty refreshing in the AZ heat.

Fun Az Family Events - Messy Fest 2018

Fun Az Family Events - Messy Fest 2018
Don’t worry! The mud only goes about up to his knees.

With the mud pits, they also have inflatable obstacle courses, the color run, shaving cream table, food fights, and squishing banana’s.

The larger obstacle courses are more geared for older kids and adults so we didn’t venture over there, but when my son is older I’m sure he’d love to try it out!

Fun Az Events for the Family - Messy Fest 2018

Fun Family Events in AZ - Messy Fest 2018
They’re squishing banana and mud

Fun Family Events in AZ - Messy Fest 2018

Overall we had a ton of fun! I’d most likely just buy a spectator band for myself (instead of the participant) since my son had his friend to do most of the activities with and I ended up…spectating for the most part but I still think it was worth the price. For larger families, it’s something to keep in mind!

If you don’t plan on getting too messy or if you have older kids who you won’t have to follow into each activity then I personally wouldn’t pay the extra money for a participant band and just enjoy the messy chaos from the sideline.

As for eating, although there were food trucks and wash off stations we were definitely still too messy to eat comfortably (who wants a mouth full of mud?).

I’m happy I had packed a few snacks and some juice to bring with us.

Fun Family Events in AZ - Messy Fest 2018

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