A little about me and my family!

My name is Laneic¬†(pronounced Luh-neice) and I’m a single mom of a (currently as of 2018) totally epic 4-year-old! He’s the epitome of a brave, powerful heart and loving soul combined.

I got to play Army for 4 years, starting out pursuing a career as a Behavior Analyst for the FBI cause I watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds. It was pretty epic but boy did I burn out hard during my sons first year! So I switched gears and focused on being a teacher/entrepreneur.

My heart is in writing and Early Childhood Education, specifically the Montessori philosophy and Reggio Emilia. I will always love dancing and Deadpool, I geek out with anime, documentaries on anything and everything, books and the occasional comic.

This little piece of the internet is where I share my story on trying to raise a miniature human into a productive and loving human being while I figure out adulting myself. I also share my insight on preschool and business because #whynot.

I love hearing feedback from my readers! Stop by the contact page and let’s chat!

Heads up! Disclaimer- 

The site does contain paid advertising and affiliate links. This means there are links throughout some posts that I receive a percentage of if you choose to buy (it’s all cool stuffs too btw I promise):

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